What Are You Dreaming Of?

Here at Davidson Builders we have experience with a wide variety of projects.  Below you will find a sampling of the kinds of jobs we can help you with.

New Homes

Do you want a one-of-a-kind, unique home built with all the features you have been dreaming of?  Would you like features that will improve your lifestyle through health, entertainment and comfort?

Perhaps, you should consider building your own custom  home.

Boat Houses

Depending on what you want to accomplish, planning out boat houses can be nearly as involved as building a new home.

Building a boat house is a substantial investment that can provide protection for your watercraft and hours of water-side fun.

We have experience on many of East Texas’ lakes building boat houses.


If you’re happy with your location and your home has value but just doesn’t meet all your needs, then you should consider a remodel.

Remodeling an older home can be quite tricky sometime.  We have years of experience with remodeling existing homes.

Fall in love with your home all over again.

Outdoor Kitchens

Double your entertainment space!

Spend more time outdoors with family and friends.  Cook and eat healthier and maybe even save on energy costs.

Add value to your home with an outdoor kitchen.

Metal Roofs

Would you like to never have to worry about your roof again?  Consider installing a metal roof.

Most metal roofing is more resistant to catching fire, therefore lowering your homeowner’s insurance rates.  Most metal roofing will not suffer damage from a hailstorm of up to 2 inches diameter.  Lastly, believe it or not, metal roofing is actually lighter than traditional asphalt shingles therefore less stress will be placed upon your home’s structure.

We have installed many metal roofs in the East Texas area.

Decks & Patios

Many homeowners today view an outdoor living space as a must-have feature of their home.  A well-planned deck or patio can provide a great outdoor entertainment space.

Patios are excellent foundations for outdoor kitchens; however, the materials used in their construction are generally more prone to staining.

Decks, on the other hand, are typically made of wood and are raised off of the ground.  


We can help you with your commercial construction or remodel needs.  We have done several commercial projects in East Texas.

We have experience with metal carports, warehouse remodels, office building remodels and church sanctuary additions to name a few projects.

We are fully insured and bonded.